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I am a family man with an 8-month old daughter yet I am not afraid to tell you that nudity still allures me. Let me clarify what I am trying to say. When I look at a nude female child or a nude old-aged woman, I don’t feel the sexual arousal within me. If I look at any nude female at a growing age, my mind might get diverted as I am a human being.

Let me compare the reaction modes to see my wife being nude with that of a celebrity:

If I look at my wife and act on my impulses, nothing will happen as I have already got the social and legal license to consider her as my better half. If I look at somebody else in a nude mode and convey my interest, then I’ll be convicted socially, legally and morally. In fact, I personally believe that in both the cases, if I express my lust – it is unacceptable and if I express my adoration to nudity as a higher form of art, it might be acceptable. It depends on my attitude towards women – whether I respect them in the spiritual sense. If I do that I can respect my wife and others in the same way.

In the art forms in the human history, nudity has always been adored as a beauty but criticized as a source of arousal to sensual pleasure.

Pornographic and Semi-pornographic movies

We tend to criticize every bold move of a woman as we still consider them dominated at this patriarch society. If I or any male character appears nude, there will be almost no chance of criticism. If a woman appears nude in a movie or in an advertisement, there will be a social volcanic eruption.


We are in an era where there is a congestion of pornographic movies; semi-pornographic movies all around the box offices. We as cynics, raise our eyebrows against them as they are prone to bring moral degradation in our social system.

We tend to forget that wine shops open up every now and then as people want them. Similarly, this category of movies is getting released every now and then as people want them. I know that I’ll protest against all these in the Social Media but quietly I’ll collect the CD of these movies or search the internet to look at it. Our hypocrisy knows no bounds. If we are really serious about being moral, let us rectify our own characters rather criticizing those who are involved in making these movies.

We read in the New Testament that an adulterous woman was brought before Jesus in order to take the permission to stone her to death. Jesus asked her to be stoned by someone who has never sinned in his life. No one could come in front and lo – Jesus told her that – “Your Sins Are Forgiven”. Jesus, being sinless was able to forgive the sins of an adulterous woman whereas we as born sinners look out for others faults. Bible tells us: “Do not judge others, or else you shall also be judged by God”.

Source by Sourav Dasgupta


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