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Farrah, who was recently enrolled in Harvard Extension School, has publicly expressed her hopes of going to law school. She told TMZ in September that she has many options and that Yale University “reached out” to her. The college has not commented.

“I hope one day this world becomes a safer place for woman and people stop abusing woman in the public eye as I was the only target yet again,” Farrah continued in her statement. “As prior attacks caught on camera I was held against my will and I did nothing but pay an establishment and was conspired against. It’s not safe for myself to go out anymore and that is sad.

Farrah later posted an Instagram video of herself being restrained on the sidewalk, writing, “I post this as no woman or man should ever be battered, abused, conspired, ganged up on, set up, recorded, and video sold.”

This is not the first time Farrah has been arrested on such a charge. In 2018, Farrah was arrested for battery after allegedly assaulting a security guard at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She initially pleaded not guilty but then entered a guilty plea to resisting, delaying or obstructing a peace officer. She was sentenced to two years of summary probation and five days of community service or labor and also was ordered to complete 12 hours of anger management.

—Reporting by Brody Brown and Meriam Bouarrouj

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