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Whether it’s smartphones, computers, or even automobiles, the world of tech is all around us. As we take a closer look, we can see the countless ways tech innovation is intertwined in our lives and improving the way we live. 

Resources from Mastercard’s signature STEM curriculum, Girls4Tech, are now available in Discovery Education Experience to support educators in their efforts to connect the foundations of business to STEM principles through inquiry-based activities and real-world tech challenges. Through these cybersecurity and AI resources, students will discover the variety of skills used in technology today and be guided to investigate how their passions and abilities can be used to pursue a success career in this industry 

Ignite a passion for STEM in students with these resources, appropriate for all learning environments: 


In this activity, students will learn about systematic encryption and how this coding is used to protect us while we are online;plus students will explore converting information into code. 

Fraud Detection 

Help students gain an understanding of digital footprints we all leave behind when we use the internet and practice their analysis skills by using data to detect potential fraud. 

All Things Digital 

Students will define technology and identify how new innovations are helping to take multiple functions and converge those into a single service. 

Big Data 

See how Big Data is reshaping the way we create solutions! Students can explore the world of a Data Scientist and use data, facts, and statistics to solve a problem. 

A.I. for Social Good 

Discover how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the world around us! Students can consider all the ways A.I. can be utilized to help address some of the world’s biggest challenges. 

Unlock new possibilities for students with Girls4Tech and empower the next generation of women innovators! Bookmark the Girls4Tech channel and check back for new resources coming soon! 

If you are not currently a subscriber to Discovery Education Experience, learn more! 

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