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Clearwin is the world’s only escalator handrail sterilizer certified as 99.9% effective against COVID-19 and it helps to keep high-touch, hard surfaces more hygienic. The self-powered, low-maintenance solution uses Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) as a preventative solution to keep the handrail clean while moving.

The solution for reducing the spread of bacteria on hard surfaces is lightweight and easy to install, as it does not depend on any changes to the escalator’s original operations or structure. The handrail sterilizer is not only a simple and sensible addition but also one that helps to reduce the need for harsh chemical cleaners and manual labor.

When venturing outside the home, people want to feel supported by new hygiene standards, especially in heavily trafficked areas with vertical circulation that help people move between multiple levels.

Image Credit: Clearwin

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