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Energy Textiles promises you faster recovery rates, higher athletic performance, and better quality sleep with three tech-forward fabric innovations.

The first of the lot is the Radiance™ Far-Infrared Textile, which contains special infrared-emitting ceramic particles that enable the garment “to recycle your body’s energy” and reflect it back to you. This results in a temporary increase in blood flow, allowing for higher performance rates.

Energy Textiles’ Radiance Far-Infrared Yarn, on the other hand, seeks to increase stamina, improve strength and endurance, as well as promote performance and faster recovery.

Finally, the RecoverMe® Far-Infrared Sleep products offer a blend of Radiance™ Yarn and other common fibers associated with bedding—like Egyptian Cotton for sheets, comfortable Tencel for pajamas, and memory foam for pillows and cushions. Here, Energy Textiles vouches that the product will bring about more restful sleep, enhance muscle recovery, and balance body temperature.

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