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An empowering campaign has been released for the month of October—Breast Cancer Awareness month—in collaboration between Burt’s Bees and Look Good Feel Better (LGFB). The initiative includes an elegantly directed video ad, starring Toronto-based makeup artist Jodi-Ann Blackwood. The content seeks “to celebrate and support women who are facing cancer.”

LGFB has played a pivotal role in many cancer-related initiatives by producing educational and supportive resources and techniques that help individuals manage the appearance-based side effects of cancer treatment with skincare, cosmetics, wigs, accessories, breast care, and more. As a long-term partner, Burt’s Bees steps in to encourage women to embrace “their natural selves without hiding.” In the video, Jodi-Ann Blackwood—who is currently undergoing cancer treatment herself—is openly “embracing the concept that looks matter.”

Image Credit: Look Good Feel Better

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