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Anyone who feels something unusual in his body has reasons to be concerned. And if the issue is about difficulty in breathing, it only increases the need to be alarmed because anything that hampers proper breathing is considered as extremely perilous.

Depending on the origin and the cause of the problem, medication or surgery may be required to solve the issue. However, when the problem with breathing was caused by irregularities in the nasal passages, surgery is the most likely solution to rectify any defects in the passages.

Regardless, the septum is what divides your nasal passages into two routes. This section of your nose is what channels the flow of air that you breathe and it is composed of thin bones and cartilages. This should be straight and positioned in the right place, otherwise, it will greatly affect the flow of the air when you breathe.

Moreover, there are people whose septum is not in the right vertical position. The deviated septum may have been inborn or a result of an injury that was not properly fixed. You must know that this misshapen part of your nose plays an important part in helping you experience real comfort along with sense of security that you will be able to continue breathing without problems and so you must not ignore this problem.

Take note that a deviated septum can initially lead to small issues such as snoring which cannot really be considered as damaging but will definitely disturb you and the person sleeping by your side.

On the more serious side, this abnormality can also be life-threatening because it can trigger sleep apnea – a sleeping disorder that can break off your breathing. Not being able to breathe for longer periods will deprived your body of the oxygen that it needs. Finally, with the lack of oxygen, extreme consequences will surely follow.

But there is good news, there is an available surgery that can correct this nasal problem and it is called the deviated septum rhinoplasty. To undergo with this procedure, you have to consult a doctor first to find out the exact detail of how the septum turn out to be a problem. The extent of the defect will also be look at and analyze by the surgeon so as to figure out the best surgical approach for your case.

The surgery usually lasts from 1 – 1½ hours. Most rhinosplasty surgeries cost around $3000 – $5000 but you can spend less as there are insurance providers who cover this type of procedure. You will also find 100% sponsorship which you have to repay through monthly installment plans. Finally, be sure to go to a reputable doctor so that you will get the best treatment.

Source by Louise Bonquin


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