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The turmoil of each day is so overwhelming and hindering us to see the light at the end of tunnel. Imagine how hard it can be to smile when you see your toddler being admitted for a brain surgery operation. Perhaps, how it is so hard to find hope when a loved one lay on a hospital bed and losing hair to chemo. How can you find the reason to face another day when you find yourself in situation like that?

We might all wonder why life can be treating us like that. Sometimes, we just hit rock bottom and it feels like the boat is on its way to sinking. We find ourselves in terrible situations where we feel there is no way out. The question you might ask yourself in such hard times might be ” How can I focus on the positives when all hell has broken loose?”

So I wonder how can we find and embrace the positives than focusing on the troubles the day brings. Perhaps, a next-door neighbour comes with a tray of baked flapjacks or cupcakes when you have just lost a loved one. It isn’t the cupcakes which you appreciate but the thought of them thinking about you in such a tough time. Let’s say your daughter makes you a cardboard card with drawings and stickers of flowers, babies and stars wishing you a speedy recovery as you lay restlessly on your hospital bed.

What am I trying to say?

Embrace the good and positive things that happen everyday. When you in the habit of noticing the small things like receiving a tray of cupcakes from a neighbour and being grateful, you will find yourself in a better state. Those positive things can take you by surprise and has power to wipe the not-so-nice things in your memory. Of course, it won’t take away the cancer from your body but when we embrace positivity in the darker times of our life, we can pass through them with hope.

Life will always be filled with horrible things that when we focus on them in our minds, we become depressed. Situations, illnesses or horrific experiences can rob us our happiness. But we can choose to focus on the brighter side, we will find ourselves gaining hope that has been long-lost.

Remember, each day we have to make decisions on whether embrace the good things or focus on the negatives. When you choose to not let the circumstances dictate how you see life, you will find that you will adopt a positive attitude. There is always something to make you smile or make you feel that life is totally worth to live. Choose to embrace the good thing in your live. The gift of life each day can been something to focus on. The family or neighbours can be something you can be grateful of. Life is too short to focus on the negatives.

Hope will be the cornerstone of survival in your darker days. Never underestimate the power of positivity. Every situation has its positives.


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