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Dona Rosene Interiors
This is the view of the dining room from the front entry. “The wife recently told me that her favorite thing about the house is walking into the entry and just feeling good. She said that even though they don’t use the dining room that often, simply walking in and looking at it makes her very happy,” Rosene says.

The designer tied together some of the homeowners’ existing pieces and the existing chandelier with new design elements. “The builder had already installed great light fixtures before they bought the house,” Rosene says. “We lucked out.”

The couple brought the rug with them from California and Rosene determined this was the best spot for it. She played up its gold and silvery hues with a grasscloth wallpaper that has a metallic sheen. The colors in the drapery fabric she chose also work well with the rug.

The homeowners already had the dining table, but their existing dining chairs were too traditional. Rosene replaced them with comfortable crushed velvet, Art Deco-style chairs that play off the silvery grays in the rug and wallcovering. They also brought the mirror with them, and Rosene knew its large size would work well with the chandelier and high ceilings. She hired artist Carol Pankratz to alter its original greenish frame by adding gold and black to it.

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