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The world is beset by climate change deniers who head governments that are killing us all. From Brazil and the massive Amazon Rain Forest Fires to the clearing of other essential forests world-wide the situation is more than dire. Life on planet earth is doomed and people are opting to allow it to happen. Recent elections have seen stupidity overtake logic as we plunge deeper into the abyss of no escape.

Behind the nonsense is money that is obviously more important to the electors of such than life itself. Science showed this scenario some 50 or more years ago and yet it was laughed at as humanity continued on its path to destruction.

Elections depend on the support of candidates by big business. To get a seat in parliament one must then do their bidding. That is how the system works. Generators of fossil fuel have the money and power to stop thinking of life and to concentrate on their products, which it would seem we can’t do without.

Even though we have technology to take energy from the sun, the wind, and even the sea, it makes little difference. With the help from elected representatives they sabotage this while making the case that only by burning fossil fuels and by clearing rain forests can we survive. Meanwhile they are killing us.

Trees take carbon from the air and improve the soil. They also make rain slow down winds and shade the earth, making it cooler. With the loss of these valuable assets the reverse occurs. As forests burn they remove the trees and further heat the atmosphere. This brings more droughts, more carbon and adds to the green house effects.

Ultimately the death of the planet is inevitable. While facing this scenario elected officials who are climate change deniers or dependent on fossil fuel generators continue to lead.

Every living thing on earth faces these assassins and most people are little concerned by it. Pollution of oceans, land, and aim continues as long as they have jobs and money in their pockets. While they can’t eat or breath their wealth they can’t do without it. The human psyche won’t allow them to change.

The poor and disadvantaged have no voice in such matters and while they suffer their plea for change goes almost unnoticed. Demonstrations by so-called greenies, who see the problem and want change, is ridiculed while the most stupid take up the call against them. This is how money has gained more power than life itself. It was spoken of in prophecy and now coming to fruition and there is nothing that can be done to stop it as we face the death squad.

Source by Norma Holt


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