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The eight mukhi rudraksha is one of the most sacred beads available, given the fact that it sensitively balances and helps remove all sorts of obstacles in life, be it physical, divine or mental. Blessed by Lord Ganesha, this becomes the strength of the rudraksha as it helps the wearer lead a tranquil and peaceful life. All along, the wearer may literally feel failures and miseries fading away from his life.

For good measure, 8 mukhi rudraksha bead is regarded as good for building character, fame, and good health and makes the wearer upbeat, optimist and super confident. It is also said to serve an important role when it comes to attaining Riddhis, Siddhis and even paves the way to Shivloka. By wearing this rudraksha unquestionably the wearer’s pleasures get doubled, while difficulties get halved. Interestingly, the holy bead has also made its presence felt in a big way during worships and rituals. The wearer of Eight mukhi rudraksha is blessed with good life-expectancy and helps adopt honest approach towards life. It also liberates the wearer from all sorts of sorrows and diseases. What’s more, the wearer is likely to exhibit exceptional talent in studies, because it fills them with the power of mental concentration. Therefore students should look forward to wearing them.

Furthermore, people from the business community find them to be very useful, because it helps achieve success in all their endeavors. Eight faced rudraksha is also said to be beneficial in betting, horse racing and lotteries etc. People who have their Moon or Sun in union with Rahu or Rahu in Lagna in their horoscope should don Eight Mukhi Rudraksha.

Other strong points of eight mukhi rudraksha

  • Said to cure diseases of skin, lungs, feet, skin and Hydroceol
  • Good for those having a” Sarp Dosh ” in their horoscope
  • Good for Astrologers and those interested in Occult

Mantras of sanctification:

Padma Purana: Om Sah Hum Namah

Mahashiv Murana: Om Hum Namah

How to wear it?

Just one bead of eight Mukhi rudraksha is sufficient enough to evoke its energizing powers. It should be strung in white thread and should be specifically worn either on Monday, Amavasya, or Purnima amidst chanting of mantras. Or else, it should be set in a gold chain. Nonetheless the wise men advise to wear it in a white thread. Complement it with two mercury balls and it will enhance wit and open the new windows of opportunity for wealth and money.

Normally individuals prefer to keep the rudraksha in a Gold/Silver box after anointing it with a tilak with kumkum or vermilion.

Source by Ramesh Khetan


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