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Learn to navigate all the Bull$hit we have to deal with daily in our life!

We have to deal with enough crap in life. How can you get the real-world knowledge needed to understand and benefit from areas that touch our lives daily? Such as,
* How do I maintain a healthy body
* How to choose the right insurance
* What government programs do I qualify for when purchasing a home
* Where are my tax dollars going?
* What are my damn! Legal Rights as a citizen?
* Does this form of government work for me?

Wayne Smith


Be Prepared to Face Life Challenges!

We live in a complex and challenging world. To succeed in this world and effectively deal with the many challenges facing us requires a specific skill set. We call these skills "real-world life skills." Essentially, these skills are necessary to benefit fully from our system of government. These critical skills are not taught to us at home, in college, or on the job. These skills, while not required, that we learn in the traditional sense. However, we must understand these skills at every stage in our life to navigate successfully in the real world.

Topics Covered In The Book

Criminal Law

Understanding Real Estate

Financial Freedom

How Government Works

Healing Process

Business of Politics

Where's The Money

Citizen Rights

Personal Injury Claims

About The Author

Hello, I am Wayne Smith!

I created this guide to keep you informed and educated with real-world navigational knowledge relating to our "core systems." We noticed that most of the time, there is way too much news coming at us from everywhere. But how many of us have a good grasp of our core systems. The core areas refer to our legal, consumer education, insurance, housing, social, political, economic systems, and government services. Real-world everyday issues and concerns that impact our daily lives. This guide will help you navigate some of the most critical areas we face daily. As we weave through these complicated functions, we all need help learning the right strategies for optimum success!

Experiece & Education

I have earned two master's degrees—one in Public Health Education from the University of Alabama and an M.Ed specializing in counseling. I have over 20 years as an educator in the community, the government, high schools, and at the college level.