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Writers are always in demand. Article writing is an art and here is a list of sites from where you can break through into your writing career.


This is a forum where you get content creation work. You can apply your offer and get work instantly. The writers get anywhere between $2 to $5 per 500 words depending upon the content providers. Usually the topics are health, games, technology, web development and so on.

Facebook Pages

One of the easiest methods to find work online is through Facebook. There are plenty of Facebook pages dedicated to writers and writers can quickly get hired in Facebook pages. But the pay is lower at $2 per 500 words.

Yahoo Answers

Strange but true. I got my first work in the year 2006 from Yahoo Answers. I found a question posted in Yahoo Answers requiring content writers from India and I was successful in my application, which paved the way for my career as a Content Writer.

Now the tough part is getting a constant flow of work. If you are a freelancer then you might work only part-time. You can choose to work on site or offsite. Working online will only fetch you a little amount as a writer and if you need a career as a content writer then work for a company offering content writing services.

To earn extra spend the time searching the internet for content writing opportunities. There are plenty of sites that offer paid for content opportunities. But in my thoughts, these are very difficult to take part in as a beginner. Hence try the ones given above as a beginner, like me when I was in 2006.

In my opinion to start as a new writer or a beginner, try writing product descriptions which are easy to write. Then try creative writing. Both of them are very easy to start as a new writer. Finding the right content provider is tough. Also be aware that there are people who scam. People get your work and never pay you. Be wise in your actions!

Be sure to use the right tools for checking the article. The article should have no errors. Once you are ready be sure to create a blog or website to build your portfolio. Keep your sample articles ready. Most of the clients ask for sample articles to prove that you can write creative, unique, error free, plagiarism free contents or articles.

In order to write good articles, read good articles and keep yourself updated. Do a thorough research before you write the article. The research done need not be only online sources but refer to books, journals and scholarly articles. Most writers refer only to online articles but in that case make sure to include the reference links. Now having learnt these cool points, why don’t you put them in action?

Source by Prashanth Raveendran


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