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It is one thing to attract a woman and another to own her completely. An important element in owning her completely is your personality. A man’s personality traits demonstrate his status and values in front of others. Especially, women are more focused on men’s personality when it comes to dating or selecting life partner. They are so conscious about sealing the most important deal of their lives. After noticing the personality traits of a man, women’s natural instincts help them deciding whether he is their soul mate or an average looser person.

According to women, “There are personality traits and there are ‘DOMINANT PERSONALITY TRAITS’.”

They always decide a partner with dominant personality traits. For them, a dominant man is highly sexual and fulfills all their naughty and sexual fantasies. A dominant man ravishes them sexually, keeps his authority, passionately achieves his goals and puts excitements in their lives.

It does not matter whether you are investing in one girl (soul-mate) or dating with different girls. Your dominant traits will always help you to own her mind. You just need to work on your own secret hidden traits. Now, do not freeze-up wondering that what are hidden secret traits a part from body language or humor. Well, you would be surprised to know that there are still many secret things which are hidden only under the collars of movie directors, superstars and leaders. They shed the highly attractive light on audience by using their hidden personality traits.

Here I would love to give you a great example which you perhaps never noticed before but it extremely attracts women.

“An attache case with a suit earns respect and values from people, especially from women.”

If you want to spice up your life, use the power of attache case and suit. These things will bring some serious fun in your life as well as hot girls. Moreover, this thing has many advantages because it not only puts you on dominant position but also highlight you as an elite sexual man.

Exclusive Secret Dominant Traits:

If you are one of those plenty guys who are aiming to own her completely then here are some very important tips for you. These tips not only make you extremely attractive but also help you to own women’s mind psychologically.


First, avoid “Dreamy Sentences” in your conversations. For example,

“If I got a chance to do this, I would be rich.”

“You would be happy if you took this before.”

This type of dreamy and uncertain conversation makes you less attractive in front of women.

One of the things that are inherited genetically is the need of motivation. A woman might look very gorgeous or confident to you but unfortunately, she is not so happy emotionally as she looks. She always desires a motivational man in her life in order to feel the power of positivity.

Now, if you notice leader or superstars, they are the main symbol of positivity. In election campaigns, they motivate people and use the power of positive words in their conversations or speeches. That’s why; women highly admire them and love to mate with them. Also, motivational speakers use the power of positivity for being successful in their careers. Their positivity makes women see them as highly sexual men.

When you motivate someone or spread positive feelings around you, it automatically puts you in dominant position. Your motivation makes people follow you unconsciously. Here I am providing you few positive words. Use them in your conversation and notice the people follow you.

POSITIVE WORDS: Excellent, Positive, Incredible, Harmonious, Win, Conquer, Achieve, Fantastic, Feel, Destiny, Passion, Excitement, Surprise, Passion, King and Expert etc.


This is the most important thing which 99 percent of men lack. Lack of consistency not only changes the bedroom into boredom but also keep men away from their success. Second, women find this extremely attractive because this is the only thing that makes a man their sexual fantasy man. For women, “A man with extreme consistency provides the power of the real sexual pleasures.”

Always remember one thing, “It is not only your personality, it is also your extreme consistency that makes you a sexual lion (king) in the jungle of female lionesses.”

In every fantasy of women, “A man is dominant who ravishes them sexually and emotionally.” According to women, a man with extreme consistency in his life turns himself into a sexual lion and makes them beg for sex. That’s why, when women fantasize about having sex with boss then that boss is not a free bastard. He is the man who holds dominant personality traits and passionately achieves his goals with consistency. He treats women with authority, ravishes them with his masculine dominance and bends their knees with extreme sexual pleasures.

Source by Marry Lengley


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