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HomeDoes Human CO2 Emissions Cause Natural Disasters?

We are told that every time there is a natural disaster be it a Hurricane, Typhoon, Tornado, Flood, Drought, or Wildfire that it was caused by Global Warming Theory – a theory which states that human emissions of CO2 is causing irreversible and catastrophic warming of our planet (Hell on Earth). But, when we look at the Farmer’s Almanac, the weather patterns, rains, and winds, all about average out.

Now then, regarding Floods, Natural Weather Disasters, Droughts, etc. – Hey, all that has been going on and has been in the historical record for 10,000 years, as well as the geological record. Rising and receding ocean levels, yep, obvious evidence in land formations, erosion patterns too. It’s not mankind’s CO2, although mankind does play a part with urban heat islands causing temperature inversions which meet with trade winds, lowered jet streams during solar flare activity putting pressure on our atmosphere for a perfect storm – causing more advection, precipitation, tornadoes, wind, lightning, weather anomalies. But we also have Typhoon, Hurricane Cycles, Solar Cycles, Ice Ages, Sea Level variation, we have it all, regardless of humans.

Global Warming Alarmists – one piece of advice from this founder of a think tank might be to stop lying, stop manipulating data, stop trying to control, stop the corruption at the UN; in trade deals, in the fight for global money flows to your personal or corporate coffers. Stop using religion like strategies of fear and social control, stop hijacking science. What you people are doing is thoroughly and utterly despicable and disgusting. The fraud, lies, and con game needs to stop. That’s my humble advice to the global socialist agenda.

The climate will always change (change is the only constant) and mankind’s activities on the surface of the planet are such a minute factor to the overall ambient temperature it isn’t even worth the discussion here. Sure, let’s study it, but it is time to eliminate 90% of the budget money to these research projects, then maybe we will start seeing some reality checks. I repeat – Global Warming Alarmists – you are acting like a plague against humanity, decency, integrity and honor, I met nicer locusts to be quite frank with you.

Every drought, El Nino, weather anomaly, flood, super typhoon, hurricane is not caused by mankind’s emissions of a trace gas, namely CO2, and even if we eliminated all of human CO2 output, including breathing out the air in our lungs it wouldn’t change the ambient temperatures more than .8 to 1.5 degrees, which is the latest figure, your IPCC peer reviewed research not mine.


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