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I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure (hypertension) about three years ago. After a series of tests I was told by my doctor there was no medical reason I had high blood pressure therefore; it had to be hereditary. Since there is no medical reason why I had high blood pressure, then it could be changed. I set out to lower it and get off the medications. I was taking 2 cartia pills a day, time released.

After being on the medication, to lower by high blood pressure, I could tell a difference in how I felt. I seemed calmer and had less headaches. Even though the medication was helping me I did not want to rely on it. I was afraid that my 2 pills would then increase to 3, then to 4, and so on. I took this as a wake up call to make a change and lower the 2 pills to 1 and then none.

Here is what I did…

I found a way to lose weight. I don’t like to exercise but I had too. I did the least amount of exercise I could. I have a treadmill at my house and I would walk while watching shows I like. Some of my favorite shows are Bones, Haven, the Middle, and Modern Family. I would record the shows and watch them back while walking on the treadmill. I would skip all the commercials making a 1 hour show about 30 minutes long. This is how long I needed to walk to be heart healthy. That 30 minutes would take me anywhere from 1 mile to almost 2 miles depending on the speed I walked. Each day is different and I would adjust according to how I felt. I made sure to always walk though, even when I did not want to.

I also changed the way I ate. I did not want to be on a diet but needed a little help with what to eat so I found a site where I could do this. It wasn’t a site where they sold foods but simply a place where I could learn about the right foods and how and when to eat them.

First I got rid of anything easy to make. All those boxed meals like tuna helper and so forth. They are very high in salt. Think about it. The companies need to preserve them somehow and I believe the way they accomplish this is by added a ton of salt. Not only was the salt contributing to my high blood pressure but it was also keeping me from losing weight. Cut out the canned soup as well. After eating canned soup people would ask me if I was feeling alright but I never understand why. I do now. They said I looked flush; that my cheeks were red and my nose was too. I believe to this day it was all the salt in the soup.

I started shopping fresh fruit and vegetable stand before shopping at the grocery store. I bought fresh fruit and vegetables. The stand is much cheaper than the grocery store and the produce taste better. The stand I shop at packages small plant pots filled with plums or tomatoes for one low price. Each week the items change in the planters which helps me to switch the produce I purchase. I spend an average of $15 for a week or more. I can tell you for a fact, that the same items I purchase at the stand cost double at the grocery store and are flavorless.

I cut out white items to include bread and sugar. I buy brown rice pasta and spinach pasta now. If I eat bread I try to have just one piece of bread and make my sandwich thicker in the middle. I buy multigrain breads. I gave up sugar and instead use honey. I even cook with honey.

All of these things I did are easy to do.

Within 1 year I was off the meds completely and lost 19 pounds. I still want to lose more weight but seem to have a hard time accomplishing it. I have been slacking a little on my treadmill workouts and that could be the reason. Even when life gets hectic I try to find time to work on me and staying healthy.

I never want to be dependent on medication again. I highly recommend you get a blood pressure machine and monitor your pressure, check it several times a day at first and just once or twice a week after you make sure your blood pressure stays under 120/80.

Source by Vicki Stanley Brown


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