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I’m frequently asked…

Do women like to keep men in chastity?

And to me it’s the wrong question – because apart from anything else, it fails to acknowledge the very real truth that not every woman is the same. In other words, it’s asking, in effect, if all women like to keep men in chastity, and the answer, sadly for many men, is no, they don’t.

You see, one of the most pernicious and prevalent myths on the Internet about male chastity and orgasm denial is that all men seek them and all women are secretly dominant and embrace them both given the chance.

And it simply isn’t the case.

Here are a reasons why this way of thinking is flawed:

  1. Not only are many (and probably most) women not dominant, male chastity and orgasm denial and female dominance not only different thing entirely but each can exist in a relationship independent of the other. For example, my marriage is NOT female led. On the contrary, if pushed I’d have to say my husband is the one who ‘wears the trousers’ – the only thing is we have agreed that strict male chastity is agreeable to both of us, so in that ONE narrow area I have full control (and I exercise it mercilessly – he gets to orgasm just once a year now, and yet I take him to the edge with merciless tease and denial once or twice most weeks).
  2. Following on from above, not every man who craves strict male chastity is submissive. I get hundreds of messages a month from men in chastity who tell me this, too. In other words, they love orgasm control, but their wives’ control goes no further than this. Why? Well, I’ll come back to that in a moment ;-).
  3. SOME women just cannot do without penetrative sex. And for some of them… even short-term male chastity is too much to ask (however, women this dead-set against it are thankfully few and far between).

Now, this might sound like bad news if you crave chastity and you now think it’s unattainable.

But no – the chances are, unless you are one of the comparatively small number of men who crave true male slavery, you have been confusing chastity with slavery in your own mind. Or to put it another way, if it’s really male chastity you want, then you CAN have it and your wife is much more likely to accept it and agree to play the game once she realises it’s not actually the “mistress/slave” thing you’re after at all (because that really does put many women off – since, like me, they are not sexually attracted to submissive men).

Here’s the really cool thing: it’s much easier than you think to get your wife to keep you in chastity, so long as you take it slowly, introduce it in a non-threatening way and – most important of all – don’t just tell her about all the amazing benefits it promises, but show her with your deeds and actions.

Look, if you’re SICK and TIRED of all the hype and stupidity you read on blogs and forums about male chastity when all you want is sane, sound and safe information from a 24/7 lifestyle couple who live this way day in, day out then it pays to be careful whom you pay attention to, doesn’t it?

Source by Sarah Jameson


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