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Do women really like sex, or are they just pretending to make men happy? Are women naturally LESS sexually driven than men are…..or is that just another myth that is NOT true at all? In this article we are going to tackle a few common myths, misconceptions and outright LIES about women and our enormous sex drive…and FINALLY put this issue to bed, once and for all. (no pun intended..:-)

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Honestly? Women are EQUALLY as passionate about getting great sex as men are. As a matter of fact, a famous scientific survey published in 2009 reflects that today’s woman is FAR more willing, able and interested in exploring her own sexuality WITHOUT the social and sexual stigma’s of years gone by. Women admit to having sex “just for pleasure” and adventure at rates exponentially higher than years gone by…and whether you agree or not, it’s a new day for women who want to pursue PASSION as aggressively as a man!

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Lots of creative communication. Spicy, sexy pillow talk between the sheets” is not only in, it’s actually important to many of us..:-)

Erotic experimentation is a total turn on.

Foreplay is fabulous…and the more of it we get, the merrier we are!

And anatomical compatibility is FINALLY important enough to admit both in public….AND in private! (as in…a woman knows what she likes in a man’s body as much a man knows what he likes to see in hers!)

The Bottom Line?

Easy! The sexes are FINALLY becoming equal in the area of erotic enjoyment…and for those of us who appreciate an amazing sex life, it’s a really great time to be single, sexy and available!

(or of course, in a loving, faithful relationship as well!)

Source by Megan Zoile


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