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Do women like rough sex? How much is too much? Are aggressive men a turn ON… or turn OFF? Will she tell you that she likes it when you are a bit more aggressive than most, or will she quietly hope and wait that you’ll get the hint on your own? What else do women fantasize about?

Are some topics taboo to talk about, or is everything “on the table” when it comes to 2 consenting adults and our fetishes and fantasies?

If you are anything like the millions of men who enjoy exploring sexual fantasies and the unspoken language of lust, this was written with YOU in mind! Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Rule #1 – Always ask. (never assume)

Even if you think she is enjoying something sexual, communication is key. Every woman, and every relationship is different. Assume nothing that you read here or elsewhere is 100% true, 100% of time.

That said, it is also true, that many women we speak to mention that they do prefer hot and spicy sex, more than medium or mild. When we’ve asked our own audience of female readers what they’d like more of in bed, the qualities that ranked the highest were:




Rule #2: A little dirty dialogue goes a long way

Aggressiveness isn’t always defined by physical connection. As a matter of fact, many women tell us that dirty talk, or a man who is willing to be wild with what he SAYS during sex, is about as hot and steamy as it comes. The funny thing? Many women who consider themselves to be shy or reserved in “real life”, admitted to finding a man who curses, swears and says VERY dirty things during sex to be a huge turn on between the sheets!

Rule #3: The Key to Her Climax

Women have a much different cycle when it comes to achieving orgasm. While men tend to climax from physical stimulation alone, we are much more multi sensory and need far more stimulation than you. For example? Foreplay, like Oral sex is very important for a woman.

So too is ambiance and atmosphere. Most importantly, her emotional state of mind is key. Many women secretly admit that taboo topics, fetishes and fantasies are incredibly important to achieving orgasm during sex.

Things like “stranger sex” fetishes, role playing games, or prostitution fantasies, or imagining that YOU are a well endowed psychical specimen, can create an erotic electricity that is a huge turn on for her.

Imagination is an amazing ally when it comes to erotic energy, and there is much more to sensational sex than meets the eye.

The bottom line?

Great sex is the key to all great relationships. It’s MORE than having a great body. And while there are lots of secrets to amazing sex, the 3 simple rules above are things I love, and many other women do, too!

Source by Megan Zoile


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