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The Government of the United States under Obamaism, and preceding with Hillary Clinton, to which surely will remain so if she is to run the country in the near future, will boil us alive, little by little, without us even noticing it. Like a frog in a kettle, turning up the heat little by little, unaware of it, and then never to be aware of it, once dead. This awareness of what is going on at the White House, is short on providing straight answers to simply questions. This I believe can be seen by the weakening of our country, as to reinforce our need for globalism. That being the main reason both Obama and Hillary have tried to threaten England out of their desire to be a sovereign nation, yet connected in a lesser form, as with NATO, etc. This is in the same strain of Obama’s thinking. The next step is to have us join the World Court, and be subject to their jurisdiction. This is their homicidal and suicidal mounting horrors for all America, so I believe as a nation. A madness of immolation, or self-destruction, like Rome did it from inside out. Soon we will be 21-trillion in debt, another disjointing bone for America; much like taking and milking down gun control to have a carnival of bloody holidays, in safe zones, while coast to coast Islamic Terrorism is unleased, uncrushed by allowing open borders. Hence, becoming a dismembered sacrifice for Islamic triumph. I see in many cases the Muslim communities want a part of America, just not to be a part of America. Right or wrong, rights without responsibilities gives rise to a savage error, as an American Citizen it is everyone’s duty to uphold the Golden Rule: to do on to others as you’d have them to do on to you. So simple most folk have forgotten the slogan. If it was up to me, we’d have some middle ground here, not two representatives for president so unlike their own parties. But here we have it, so one must look at what is at stake, not what one can get out of it. In Peru, unfortunately, for a buck, you can buy a vote, it is not much different in America nowadays.

A last word on this, and not to play the fear card, but American politicians are already studying and alert to, and awaiting for the nuclear disarticulated malefic Islamic Terrorist mind (they already know the source); it is not a matter of if, but where and when it will take place, we are now seeing the prelude to WWIII, and luckily it has not taken place yet. The IsIs, the whole population of this Islamic Order is a blood-mad priesthood going forth daily in the ritual of those far-off days of Mohammed’s warriors; mentality sapped and bestialized. It should be said, however, that most Muslims will misunderstand and question the statement of the New Testament that ‘God is love.’ Thus to address God, as a God of love or ‘Father’ would be far from Muslim thought. As it would be to address Jesus Christ as the Son of God. They don’t fear him because they do not believe he will return. Therefore by doing so, they deny their need for Christ. On the other hand, there is no atonement for sin, no propitiatory basis for forgiveness of sins for Muslim. Contrary to Christianity. As for Muslims, forgiveness is predicated upon both personal merit and Allah’s choice of mercy. Thus, never knowing of their fate, and as the Qur’an stipulates, “God is All-mighty, Vengeful!” They think Christians teach a falsehood, concerning Jesus and Mary, much as I think they teach a falsehood concerning Muhammad, and Allah. Actually the Qur’an, teaches them to deny. They believe the 3rd Testament of God’s word, is the Qur’an that supersedes the previous two. Although this is contradictory, because although they may have some of the same prophets, they have a different God completely. What the IsIs have forgotten is the Qur’an states evil deeds will be weighed on a scale at the Day of Judgment. This should scare them, but evidently it doesn’t. So at the end of the road they look for balance.

And in case we’ve forgotten, a democracy is for the people by the people, not for a president and his associates, by a president.

Anyhow, this is just a simply commentary on some daily thoughts, don’t take it to serious, we all need to have an open mind, that is the best of nature in the human.

Dr. Dennis L. Siluk, Poet Laureate

Source by Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c.


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