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It is easy to think that women are the only ones concerned about having great looking body. Most products that aim to trim down unwanted fat deposits in the body are targeted for the female population. Nowadays, with the ever-increasing number of women who are becoming overweight, social consciousness has also created pressure for men to also maintain a sleeker appearance. As they say, life has a way of balancing things out.

The Basics Of Attaining A Toned Body

Nutritionists are quick to point out that diet is the fundamental factor that makes or breaks a man’s body shape. This school of thought prescribes to an ideology that by taking in excess calories beyond the required daily allowance will surely trigger the development of unwanted fat deposits and weight gain throughout the body.

Meanwhile, fitness instructors would say that burning more calories is the quickest way towards achieving a ripped or chiseled look. Using up calories faster than the body can store unused energy may indeed seem logical. But if defeating unwanted fat in the body and reducing weight significantly depend on increased activity; then men who work 50 to 70 hours a week sitting in an office would have already lost the battle of the bulge.

These two theories would have been effective during the hunter-gatherer age, but relying solely on these two theories today may not be a good way for the modern office-driven man to attain a slender and carved body shape. For one, not all men have the same levels of appetite, much less tolerance for heavy workout. Time constraints can also put pressure against devoting a good chunk of the day to workout in the gym or to shop or scour for healthier foods to eat.

Are Transdermal Fat Cutting Products The Solution?

With that in mind, health and cosmetic manufacturers have rolled out fat cutting products that have been specifically created for men. After all, men like women need all the help they can get in the fight against unsightly fat deposits in the body and stave off unwanted weight.

One of the products to be introduced to the marketplace with quite a bit of hype and fanfare is Dermacut. The product is a topical solution that aims to strip away stubborn fat lumps in the body, anywhere from the stomach area, to the waistline, to the arms and thighs. Developed by Oxygenix Research, the product is designed to emulsify the fat away and prevent fat cells from regrouping. This may sound impossible at first glance, but unique scientific components of the product have demonstrated that Dermacut does offer great promise in successfully battling hard to beat fat pockets.

Dermacut uses twin fat-cutting technologies to deal with unwanted fat pockets. One component to its proprietary formula is an ingredient called Adiposlim. Research has shown that Adiposlim can eliminate fat stored in the tissues by stimulating the body’s lipolysis or conversion of fat into ready-to-use energy.

The second component of the product is known as Adipoless. It is composed of extracts of the Quinoa plant from Canada. The main function of Adipoless is that it is intended to disrupt the signals that trigger the formation of new adipocytes or fat cells. As such, it can render fat tissues to become dormant and incapable of storing more fat.

But despite the inclusion of these scientifically backed components, you need to keep in mind that Dermacut should never be used as a substitute for healthy diet and regular exercise. It is not a miracle in a bottle that can easily shrink fat pockets and produce an instant ripped look. The product is intended as a complementary formula to enhance the results that a man can get from living a healthy lifestyle. Overall, Dermacut shows great promise in that it should be viewed simply as a tool for getting back in shape. As always, diet and exercise must always be included in any healthy and fitness program.

Source by Peter Bracato


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