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HomeLifestyleDenver Basement Adds Family-Friendly Living Space

After: The only entry to the crawl space was through an exterior door, seen here at the bottom of the stairs. So a new interior staircase had to be designed and built. The door still opens to some exterior stairs that lead up to the backyard.

There’s a pingpong area on the left. “We lost the wall where the cow painting used to hang upstairs when we put in the basement staircase. This was a great spot for it to hang, and it brings a lot of color into the room,” Levendusky says.

The designer was careful to use fabrics that would stand up to the kids and the family dog, Tilly. All the upholstery fabrics are commercially rated, and the carpeting is nylon with short loops for wearability. “I love wool, but this carpeting will stand up to stains better and is more durable,” she says.

Accent wall paint: Puritan Gray, and main wall color: Grey Owl, both Benjamin Moore

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