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Anthropology basically can be defined as the study of humanity. This is a branch of science that deals with almost all aspects of humanity including the culture, language, biological basis and everything. The main concern of anthropology revolves around certain important issues, like who actually the Homo sapiens are, who can be considered as the ancestors of the modern species of human beings, what exactly are their characteristics and the most important aspects of their behavior, and the variations and similarities between different kinds of human.

Anthropology can be categorized into four different sub-fields. Each of these sub-fields is linked with certain specific branches like the physical and biological anthropology, cultural or social anthropology, linguistic and archaeological anthropology. All these fields work on different functions and apply certain specific technologies. Anthropology can otherwise be defined as the scientific study of behavior and origin of human beings that also includes the various social and cultural developments associated with these human beings.

Anthropology has various branches as per the aspects of human beings or their life that are studied under them. For instance, there is linguistic anthropology that deals with the role of language in shaping the social life of any human being. This branch studies all aspects of language that can in any way be associated with the human life. Then, there is cultural anthropology that looks at the various different facets of culture that can affect human life, either positively or negatively, though positive impact is observed in all cases. Some other branches include archaeological anthropology and physical and the biological anthropology.

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