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In the wake of catastrophes and calamities, night has finally transformed into day. The vivid lights of a new awakening are now radiating within the minds and the hearts of this new creation of people. Those who have allowed themselves to fall and be assailed by others are on their feet again and are moving strong. The serene blackness of night is where lovers talk and kiss as they devise a grand future for themselves as a family among the families of the new nation of people . Dawn has finally come into the minds of the people and the rays of their thoughts are shining brightly with the emergence of much new and wonderful awareness.

All prejudices and preconceptions are not tolerated because there is no place for this type of thinking from any member of the new nation. The optimal character traits for the people of this new nation is fidelity. Every action and thought of this new nation’s inhabitants will be a propitious one for the other. The strong will serve the weak and the weak will support the strong. Every hand will be a benefit to their neighbors and every neighbor will intrinsically be favorably disposed towards building up their fellow citizen. Justice will come quick for any such perfidious person who disrupts the divine structure of the land and refuses to conform to the heavenly order.

The dawn of this new nation of people will bring real prosperity to all of the people of the Earth. Harmony will flow across the lands and the seas and the sky like waves of refreshing waters poured from the goblets of paradise. The people of the Earth will be educated to think and with thinking they will crown themselves with honor and glory. The children of the Earth will transcend from being in bondage to only the left hemisphere of their brains as people will be taught to use both the left and right hemispheres of their brains in concert so that they may achieve a higher state of being.

The plants and animals of the Earth will no longer need to live in fear and dread of humans because this new creation of people will be in synchronization with them. The Earth will be purified of all pollutants so that all of its many creatures will be able to take a deep breath and be energized and refreshed by it. The man and the woman will learn to honor and respect one another and the children will innately honor and respect their parents. Vile and depraved sexual practices and habits will give way to the veneration of this intimate union of minds and bodies and a velvety song of adoration will come out of the man’s mouth and out of the woman’s mouth when the flesh of the other is touched.

In the wake of catastrophes and disasters that the people have brought upon themselves, mishaps have been supplanted by success and degradation has been taken away. The order of the day is allegiance to the new creation of people, and so it is that loyalty, faithfulness, reliability, devotion, conformity, duty, trustworthiness, dependability, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, astuteness, and benevolence is as natural as the blinking of the eye. This is how it is to come at dawn and this is how it will be as the Sun rises when the lost have finally found themselves and get about their business of nation and people building.

The current rulers of the world’s financial, governmental, educational, informational, and military systems have long been diligently working to create a New World Order with them as the head and everyone else on the planet as the wagging, docile tail. These utopian visionaries are savage, ravaging wild beasts that have no concept of what it truly means to be a human and a faithful steward of our precious planet Earth. When the people of the new nation finally realize and then take the commands and controls of themselves back, this destructive force will be completely annihilated and never again remembered.

What a moment in all of the existence of life it will be when the dawning of a new nation of people come into its fullness and what is now is taken away and replaced by ecstasy and gladness for all of the Earth’s people and it’s many other life forms. The Universe will bring itself back into balance at that time. Human cognitive powers will increase by countless magnitudes as their comprehension and thinking reach a boundless spiritual elevation. When the dawning of a new nation of people take their place on the planet Earth and the heavens beyond, the technical and mechanical gadgets that humans use and need now will become totally obsolete as the creative thoughts of the woman and the man will be all the utensils that are needed to accomplish the magnificent.

The hour and the moment of this marvelous change are looming directly before the people of the Earth. The present destroyers of everything uplifting and wholesome are inadvertently hastening their downfall and opening the way for the dawn of a new nation of people to take front and center stage in the affairs of nations and people. It is already done. The rebirth of worlds is a finished product. And so we “All” will enjoy and live.


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