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The Ford F-150 Lightning is the automaker’s upcoming flagship electric truck. For consumers who were lucky enough to secure a pre-order of the truck, there is now a configuration service live on Ford’s website. This service allows users to pick and choose features that they desire in their Ford F-150 Lightning, which will launch in mid-2022. The configurator allows for selecting different computer-assisted features, drivetrains, battery ranges, and other aesthetic features at this time.

One application of Ford’s early-launched configurator is the statistics that come from this. Through analyzing the most common configurations as well as the features that are seldom selected, Ford is essentially receiving free market research on electric truck drivers’ interests. The gathered metrics will then likely fuel the available options for the F-150 Lightning 2023, which will also be customizable. For consumers who did not pre-order the 2022 model and are interested in a custom EV, it is advised to preorder the 2023 model as early as possible to ensure availability.

Image Credit: Ford

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