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There are certain common terms that are in use to describe ethnicity and place of origin that I am reluctant to apply within this article because one; “Black people”, is all-encompassing and does not apply to the whole. There are “Black People”, however, they are in the minority as the majority of so-called “Black People” are actually different shades of brown. The other term that I am reluctant to use is “Africa” or “African” because “Africa” is an Indo-European derivative of the Ancient Egyptian word “Afru-ika” or “Motherland” as the name of the Continent as a whole with “Nagau” or “Punt” denoting East “Afru-ika”.

People of “Motherland” descent that currently reside in the United States and Canada are people that are broken off at the roots as far as culture, history, and destiny is concerned. Many of these “Motherland” Identity nomads that have within them a sense of person and feelings of racial pride grope to find their cultural identity and heritage within a maze of deceptions and falsehoods constructed by groups and peoples that are now in positions of influence, intimidation, education, and power.

As a consequence, many identity seekers of “Afru-ika” descent grab at shadows to attach an identity to themselves even to the extent of falling into the miry clay of claiming a heritage that is not theirs as some others like the invading locusts swarm that now infest “Kemet” (Egypt), and the Indo-Europeans that currently occupy the Fertile Crescent (Canaan) are masters at doing. This is because many people of “Motherland” descent want to know their true history but are too lazy to do the work to know it. It is also true that many civilizations of the “Motherland” did not translate their spoken tongue into a written language for whatever reasons.

At least the absence of a written language for the majority of the “Afru-ika” tongues is the common assumption held by most so-called modern historians. It is possible that many of the written forms of “Afru-ika” tongues may have been lost in time or forgotten over the long eons of “Afru-ika” history. Nonetheless, this absence of written language records makes it very difficult, but not impossible, to reconstruct the past of many “Motherland” cultures. Also; sadly, many people of the “Motherland” have been systematically brainwashed into the mindset of only accepting as valid information that which is spoon fed to them by the current rulers of this world systems and will not acknowledge information that is being passed to them by their own folks that have gone the extra mile in their quest to know, and have done the required research and investigations to find the facts about the histories of the peoples of “Afru-ika” where the establishment refuses to tread or arbitrarily dismiss.

So, wandering aimlessly within space and time, surviving under a hostile alien rule, living within a cultural identity vacuum, and fighting among themselves is the lost world in which the children of the “Motherland” presently inhabit. But, it does not have to be this way. At some point, a person, a people, must snap out of the damaging trauma of past events and get on with producing, prospering, and living life. At some point a person, a people, must rid themselves of external and internal stumbling blocks and strengthen their inner person, be self-reliant and creative, be considerate and respectful of others (especially their own), become mighty family and house builders and supporters, be ruthless conquerors and warriors, and enlightened history makers.

Stumbling and falling is not a reason to wallow in shame. The shame is in not getting up from a fall or blaming everyone else for your fallen state. So the solution to a loss of identity catastrophe is to build a new one. Create a new identity that is not built on make-believe or wishful thinking. But a new identity that is built on a solid foundation of whatever valid and reliable bits and pieces of “Afru-ika” heritage and history that can be honestly put together from well-founded evidence. The past is merely a starting point to move forward to a higher state of existence and knowledge. Those who choose to remain stagnate will eventually be overtaken and vanquished by those that are constantly on the move. The sons and the daughters of “Dark Radiance” should cherish and honor their creative mother and make her proud of us again.

Everything is good that is sincerely and earnestly said but what is the point of opening the mouth if nothing is done? A leader needs followers and the army must have a competent general to lead the troops into battle. The front lines are inside of the minds and the hearts of the soldiers who must know when to stand firm and when to attack. Retreat, or to be a malingerer in the constant hideous face of defamation, vilification, imprisonment, and murder has run its shameful course and will no longer be tolerated by the “First Born” of the Heavens and the Earth.

So what is to be done for a people who are currently totally confused and have been trained to look at one another with anxiety and suspicion?

Task one: Clean house. Men are to be men and women are to be women and any variance of this natural order will be done away with. All those who pride themselves as being thugs and hoods are to be rooted out and demolished from among the people that they terrorize, embarrass, and hold back. Self-haters and haters of the house are to be reeducated and given a new enlightenment of the realities of life. One hand helps itself and the other hand helps another is the new mindset that will bond blood and flesh together and foment stewardship and completeness among the sons and daughters of the “Motherland”.

Task two: Ground zero. A mighty wave of “Motherland” champions invades “Kemet” (Egypt) and sweep the land clean of those that are now falsely calling themselves the descendants of the ancient ones, driving those interlopers back into the Middle East where they came from. Once that House (Kemet) has been restored to its legitimate children the sons and the daughters of Sirius will then go forth and reestablish the nations of Hind, Sind, Mali, Ghana, Songhai, Kanem, Bachwezi, Aksum, Zimbabwe, Kongo, Benin, Kangaba, Hausa, Fulani, and the conquests of the Moors, leaving no stone unturned in victory upon triumph, and magnificence upon glory.

Task Three: Ancient technological and spiritual knowledge, that was and is much more advanced than what is available today, will be sought out and found by the daughters and sons of the “Motherland” and developed to a higher level of achievements than ever before. Unlike the rulers of this current world system that focus on materialism and rational thinking that have produced nothing but greed, wars, separation of the Earth family of peoples into contentious groups, the continuous pollution of the planet and the rapid extinction of many of its other life forms, a small haves and a gigantic have-nots class, and a grand assortment of fears, uncertainties, and distresses, the children of the “Shimmering Brown Female Luster” who created the Universe and all contained within it in a flash of brilliance and lights, will now focus upon ever enhancing their spiritual awareness’s and cognitive connections to the universal realities and spheres.

The vicious enemies of the children of “She Who Is luminous Beauty and Sparkling Powers”, who is also the loving breasts that nurtures the “Motherland”, that know the true of the matter and the depths of their deceptions and malicious ambitions desperately want to keep the “First Born” dumb and blind as to who and what they are, and unfortunately, many of the “First Born” are aiding and abetting the criminals and looters of the Earth and its peoples in accomplishing their calculated chaos by looking at one another as the enemy, and not at the ones who still have them in psychological and economic servitude and are systematically killing them, as the principles of world suffering.

The Goddess of everything that is and everything that is not, does not weep for her lost children because she does not sympathize with treachery and weakness. The Goddess of astonishments and wonders is power revealed and power concealed extended generously to all of the inhabitants of the Earth and without measure to her “First Born”. The Goddess of sound and silence will aid her “First Born” in pinning the ears back on all those who dare to trouble them but will turn her face on those who do not make a stand for themselves.

Destiny is in the hands of those who make achievements happen and a temporary loss of identity is not an excuse to be wasteful of time and energies, self-destructive and offensive towards others, nor negative or foolish in the face of trials and challenges. The building block of life is embedded within the head and it is designed to be used and not misused. When all is said and done the clinched bronze fists will break the jaw of this current world order and send its rulers running in twenty-five different directions. The “First Born” will restore themselves to their native place and influence the peoples of the world with loving kindness, gorgeous days and enchanting nights for countless ages.


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