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Contemporary table lamps focus around functionality and art, which is exactly what lamp design has always been about. From the elegant and distinctive Dale Tiffany Lamps, still made in the tradition of the originals of the highest quality and care, to modern designs made out of almost any material, minimilistic in color and beautiful in polish and sleek looks, to lamps that can even represent other objects (such as a Chinese Take Out box) lighting has come a long way – and continues to evolve in an exciting direction.

No matter what décor style you prefer, table lamps and floor lamp designs abound. Many of the designs are so well done, in fact, that they would complement any environment. Dale Tiffany style lamps, despite being born from that art deco era, continue to add charm to the home or office – and are therefore becoming increasingly popular. They have a tendency to create a focal point that many designs can’t do, and remain rare and original in design. Adding a Dale Tiffany style lamp even to a majorly modern home or office creates a unique contrast that many décor designers strive to achieve. This style continues to delight.

Designers of contemporary table lamps focus on using new and unique materials to create their artistic and beautiful designs. Some lamps are made from glass and metal, with the brushed or polished look allowed to come through nicely, and with fitted black or white bases. A stunning, one color shade to match finishes it off, creating a nucleus of attraction in any home or office environment.

Traditionally, classy lighting design only came in two variations : uplight and downlight. The theory has essentially stayed the same, as both of these are not harsh on the eyes and create a natural and elegant atmosphere to the room. Upward light design is when the bulb faces upwards, so that the light reflects against the ceiling creating a soft and lush light for the room. Downlight is the opposite, the bulb facing down, so that the delicate light focuses specifically around the table, desk or piece that the lamp has been placed upon. Contemporary designers do the same, by using a variation of materials and unique, beautiful designs. A particularly popular design is the tabletop chandelier, strands of glowing plastic or glass fibers lighting the room naturally and delicately.

Contemporary designers like to focus on natural light, creating the best

lighting for reading or writing, but also for dining or entertaining. Sometimes

contemporary table lamps are not just designed with uplight or downlight, but can be

adjusted to best suit the user’s needs.

Many designers are also experimenting with new and elaborate shade designs and

colors – from box shapes to the cone designs, to wicka designs, all designed to

complement the furniture and placement of the lamp. Glass, metal and many other

materials are also being used. floor lamps and desk lamps are following the same

exciting trends, and can create a fantastic combination when purchased together

while focusing on a particular interior décor idea.

Source by Des Smalls


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