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Contemporary interactive workspaces : Interactive workspace

Contemporary interactive workspaces : Interactive workspace


Kinzo Architekten, in collaboration with Dawon & Company, has crafted a vibrant and interactive workspace for PUBG Studios in Seoul. The concept for the interior boldly draws inspiration from the immersive world of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The office design, commissioned by KRAFTON, expertly blends functionality with the essence of the popular game in order to offer employees an engaging environment.

At the heart of the design is the integration of teamwork-related elements, emphasizing collaboration and cooperation among employees. Structured like maps from the game, the floors of the interactive workspace feature distinct zones connected by pathways. This design seeks to encourage exploration and interaction among employees. The central staircase, inspired by the game’s “battle royale” mechanics, serves as a focal point, guiding employees to communal areas like tea kitchens and recreation rooms. Surrounding lounge spaces and meeting rooms further enhance this dynamic zone, fostering chance encounters and creative exchanges.

Image Credit: Kinzo Architekten x Dawon & Company


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