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It is also known as the Emil Erlenmeyer Flask, named after its German inventor, Emil Erlenmeyer, is commonly used in laboratories. It is flat bottomed, with a graduated conical base which tapers towards the neck. The narrow, cylindrical neck and the wide, flat bottom not only make it more stable, but also reduce chances of spilling, particularly when shaking the contents. The narrow neck prevents loss due to evaporation. Made of borosilicate glass, these flasks can withstand high (or low) temperatures and are commonly used for heating liquids in laboratories


A CONICAL FLASK is also known as Erlenmeyer Flask. It is defined as a type of laboratory glassware which consist of a flat conical bottom with acylindrical neck.The main advantages in an flask are that it is less likely to tip over than a beaker and the smaller neck which slows evaporative loss. It can also be swirled without fear of the contents spilling.

How to use


1. Conical Flask

2. Ring Stand

3. Clamp

4. Funnel

5. Wire gauge

6. Burner

1. Take the desired amount of the liquid you are working with slowly into the FLASK using a funnel. Mix the solution by shaking all the contents. Try to use smaller quantities of solution to ensure more thorough mixing and to avoid spilling.

2. Adjust the FLASK into the clamp ensuring that the grip is firm. Place a Bunsen burner below the CONICAL FLASK and adjust the flask in manner that it lies above the ring.. Place the wire gauge mesh between the ring and the bottom of the flask to prevent the flask from touching direct flames, and gradually heat the solution.

3. Now wait for the cooldown of the flask remove the Bunsen burner, and carefully remove the flask out. Use a clamp to secure the second container into which you want to pour the contents of the conical flask. If you are pouring the contents into a test tube, make sure that it is positioned slightly at an angle away from you. Place a funnel on the container in order to prevent spilling. Remove the rubber stopper from the flask, if present, and carefully pour out the contents into the funnel, checking the graduated scale in order to transfer the desired quantity.

Various uses:

1. It is used for the titration especially of pH. 2 It is used to heat the chemicals with the bunsen burner. 3 It is used for mixing substances. 4 The Another benefit of the CONICAL FLASK wide base is the stability it provides. This is particularly important in the laboratory where the experimenter must often handle highly reactive and even dangerous substances.

Some CONICAL FLASK manufactures in India are:

1. Kshitij Innovations

2. Labtech International

3. Labtech International

4. Nexus Enterprises

5. Naugra Exports

6. Popular Scientific

Source by Yogesh Kumar Chauhan


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