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There are different models of coaching techniques that a coach can try. However, it is not just about the knowledge of the different models. The coach must also have the ability to select the right model for the right client. Every individual lives a different life. Therefore, you must have the ability to choose the right model and customize the same depending upon the specific needs of the client.

Different Models For Personal Life Coaching

The coach must have a comprehensive understanding of the various coaching techniques, strategies and theories. In order to do that, they must be aware of the four basic models in this regard. These basic models include Neuro Linguistic Programming, Solution Focused Model, the Reality Model, and the GROW Model. When it comes to structuring your coaching conversations, the GROW model is the best. The reality model is based on choice therapy. This method is basically used to work on the behavior and behavior patterns of your client. The Neuro Linguistic Model works on three things – thinking, language and behavior. On the other hand, the Solution Focused Model focuses on solving the various problems that the client faces in his/her lifetime.

The Qualities Of A Good Life Coach

Just having the knowledge of different coaching techniques is not enough to become a good life coach. Before you go ahead and choose it as your profession, you will also have to first look within yourself and check whether you possess the following qualities or not.

o You must be able to adapt to any situation

o You must be accommodating

o You should be an innovator

o Your own life must be inspiring for others. People want their coaches to be an admirable role model for them.

o Comfort level is also important. You must be comfortable with different types of people.

Besides, the above factors, you should also be a problem solver. Every day will bring a new problem for your clients and they will look towards you to offer a solution. Therefore, it is important for you to be aware of the coaching techniques that could offer your clients, the best solution, whenever they encounter a problem. What is more, make sure that you are not doing it for money. This is the most important thing. If you have chosen the profession of a life coach with a primary objective of making money, you are at the wrong place.

Source by Al Falaq Arsendatama


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