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Climate Change and The Deliberate Inaction Against It



There is little doubt that most are waking up to the threats of climate change and human activity on the planet. While young people demonstrate against it and beg world leaders to do more to reverse the trend the question is can anything change? The deniers who hold positions of leadership have the power to override public opinion. That being the case do any of them really care what happens to the world? Can they resist pressure from the Business World to do anything different?

While strongly behind any demonstration bringing awareness surely the young people who are most concerned must start with parents and relatives and urge them to vote against putting such people into power. As they won’t change leaders who are unwilling to take notice there has to be a better way. In the western world it’s only through the ballot box that such effect happen.

During recent elections in Australia and elsewhere fear campaigns against parties promising such action have dominated while these leaders retain their power. What is wrong then with those who are suffering the effects of climate change, such as through droughts, floods, cyclones, and so on, that they are more afraid of the ones who want to do something about it than those who are causing it?

While democracy is the way of the west and persuading arguments are coming from high profile figures against the inactivity of governments they are obviously ineffective against actions required. Taking the problems head-on the following is just some of them that need urgent action.

1. Plastic pollution – solution get rid of plastic from all use and stop supplying it where possible.

2. Deforestation – it is essential to stop cutting down trees and plant more to remove carbon from air.

3. Drought – obviously caused by deforestation and warming of the atmosphere.

4. Super fires – also caused by climate change and a warming planet

5. Rising oceans – caused by ice melt due to worsening environment conditions

6. Loss of species – caused the same

7. Disease and superbugs – while these things are on the increase they will worsen

8. Overpopulation – The trend to have more and more babies is mainly caused by religious beliefs

9. Dwindling resources – caused by overpopulation and lack of management and alternative solutions.

This is only a partial list as the situation goes on and will worsen and affect everyone. The earth is being destroyed faster and it can’t cope. It may be too late to do anything worthwhile as money and Big Business runs the world and thrives on depleting nature. The other question is how many will give up their wealth and change their lifestyle in the process?


Source by Norma Holt


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