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Philosophy is about positing possible solutions where none other can be found. In a sense it’s about human logic versus reality. Good stories gather followers and things that appear normal are often turned on their heads when evidence to the contrary is available. That applies to climate change versus old world philosophy and incorrect notions that everything that God does is good and that an eternal paradise awaits us.

The real God is the Great Spirit of the Universe, as my reincarnation experience testifies. With that driving me the goal to separate reality from supposition has never waned and my life has been one of searching. Consequently my search took me far and wide into corners of human development that few would or could tread. So what is reality?

Nothing is closer to it than the fact that the world is fast approaching its end. Even with that looming the arguments against climate change are almost as blatant as those for it. In other words, humans are as confused as ever about what is happening to them and the planet.

In Australia we face catastrophic conditions throughout summer as fires rage throughout New South Wales and Queensland. They will gather pace with cyclonic winds over drought conditioned woodlands and plains. They are impossible to stop as the environment is right for massive destruction.

Even in the face of this the government refuses to contemplate climate change as the cause. With many parliamentarians blinded by religious philosophy that the world was created in six days and will not end until Jesus Christ returns, there is no persuading them.

What does it take to change this view into something closer to the facts? In the old world thinking nothing could happen that opposed the religious view that only what is laid down in holy books is fact. This is naïve and wrong when it comes to what is now happening.

While many politicians are religiously orientated they appear to have no mind to accept climate change as a reality. They are prone to accept the nonsensical view that heaven awaits them and that the god they worship won’t destroy the planet. A philosophical miscalculation of major proportion is obviously behind it along with the money factor that drives them into believing it.

Source by Norma Holt


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