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If magic has the courage, to not help reality, reality has the indecency to not confront magic; if reality has the indecency to not confront magic, reality is the immorality of magic being free.

When magic is free, it means that freedom is corrupt. And if reality is the immorality of freedom being corrupt, reality is simultaneously the morality of oppression being good – the morality, of oppression being moral is the morality of morality being moral, and the morality of morality being moral is the immorality of morality.

The immorality of morality, is the morality of morality. The morality of morality is morality from morality: morality from morality is not from morality, and not from morality is to morality – when reality is to morality, reality is in front of morality, and when reality is in front of morality it means that morality hasn’t the ability to confront reality.

Morality hasn’t the power to stop reality, therefore reality has the ability to stop morality; but why should this be even necessary? Why would reality want or feel the need to stop the moral?

Good is balance. So if reality has the power to stop balance, the natural interpretation of this is that imbalance has itself to stop balance; when imbalance has imbalance to stop balance, balance can’t have itself to stop injustice – to stop injustice, balance is forced to have injustice.

Balance is symmetry. Symmetry which isn’t symmetrical so as to prevent the absence of symmetry is symmetry which is biased so as to maintain symmetry: maintenance is continuance, and continuance is constant, and constant is symmetry – thus, symmetry which is biased so as to symmetry symmetry is symmetry which is different so as to symmetry symmetry.

Symmetry that’s different is symmetry that belongs to God. So as to symmetry symmetry is not as to symmetry symmetry. Not as to symmetry symmetry is to symmetry symmetry, and to symmetry symmetry means not symmetry symmetry.

God’s symmetry not symmetry symmetry is God’s balance balance God; God’s balance balance God is God’s balance being told to fix God.

God’s balance is the universe: the universe is being told to fix God, but the being doing the telling is neither the universe or God – so who is it?

The alternative, to a creator and a creation is the alternative to an alternative; the alternative to an alternative is the impossibility of an alternative – the impossibility of an alternative is the impossibility of God.

The impossibility of God is the oppression of God; the oppression of God is God’s misbehaviour – God’s misbehaviour is telling the universe to fix God.

When God’s misbehaviour tells the universe to fix God, it is the equivalent of injustice meaning when God doesn’t know how to destroy the universe.

In the 2016 drama Christine, starring Rebecca Hall, the meaning of justice is when God has the guts to undo and annihilate the entire universe.

(A theme which very, very oddly makes Christine the exact same type of story as the 1982 horror classic Amityville 2: The Possession)

Source by Thomas H Cullen

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