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Avec Les Filles, the cult-favorite, contemporary lifestyle brand, recently released playful new accessories ahead of the holiday season with stocking stuffers under $60.

The new matching accessories include Novelty Printed Faux Fur Pull-Through Scarf, Faux Shearling Scarf, Knitted Faux Fur Beanies, Colorblock Fur Pull-Through Scarf, and Star Print Cotton Mask, among others. These chic and avant-garde accessories will appeal to Gen Z consumers, looking to stay on-trend amid the colder weather.

Moreover, the brand will be donating a portion of every sale on their e-shop to Girls, Inc., a national nonprofit dedicated “to providing long-lasting mentorships and research-based programming to enable girls to navigate gender, economic, and social barriers, and grow up healthy, educated and independent.”

Image Credit: Avec Les Filles

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