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My senior mom, who is in her late 70s, usually stays pretty active – what with senior gardening, taking walks, playing with the grandkids, and enjoying trying out new recipes. She does great most of the time but arthritis does slow her down sometimes.

One of her favorite remedies that she’s used for years is a Salonpas pain relief patch. She has been using the little white ones and loves them. When she feels that arthritis pain flare up in a joint to the point it is slowing her down, she’ll put one of those pain relief patches on and immediately notices a warm feeling that usually chases the pain away. Then she’s ready to get right back to her favorite activities of cooking, gardening, and grandkid-ding around.

Recently, she got to “test drive” Salonpas’ bigger pain relief and arthritis relief patches. These are a bit different than what she has been used to. They are made of a more flexible material that stretches with the body and they go on cold instead of hot. While she prefers the warmth of the original (she gets cold very easily), she did comment that, “Yes, it did work as fast as the other.”

And, as I pointed out to her, it’s nice to have options or as I often tell my grandkids, “different strokes for different folks.” I know my sweet husband, who was always wanting things cooler (you should have seen our air conditioning bill), would have loved them. I’m so glad she’s found something that can help her stay active. Her physical activities help keep her mind active as well;enabling her to spend precious time with grandkids, savoring the moments and the family memories. That’s vital for grandparents AND grandchildren, don’t you think?

Source by Kaye Swain


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