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There are many well-read Biblical Scholars and they of course, are devout Christians. Many of these folks would like to figure out how to make money, and some of them over the years have become pretty excellent writers. So, the question of the say is; “Can a Biblical Scholar or can a Devout Lifetime Christian Follower make money selling Christian stories and essays?”

Well, there is a market for these things, and there are whole rows of Christian Books at the bookstores. Some bookstores exist that are only Christian Books, the entire store! Still, what about the lowly writer who wants to write Christian essays and short stories? Are these types of writings marketable?

Indeed, there are folks interested in such things. A devout Christian obviously already has a lot to choose from, so the stories or works must be good and refined. If they are stories that have Jesus in them, many Christians may not like them, due to their version of historical accuracy of the original (Biblical Story and Text), therefore they may not want their children confused.

Personally, in my humble opinion, if it makes people think, the stories are marketable, but it is not so easy to much these types of works. Why you ask? Well, another issue with such things is that, there are a ton of folks writing such stories and giving them away, thus, a bit of competition of such things and a low price point.

Indeed, good Christian short stories must teach a lesson of sorts, and I must say, I am not one to judge really, I am not a religious follower of any type. Although see the value in such stories, and I know that the reading public does buy these books, short stories and works and like you I’ve seen them walk out of the bookstores smiling.

If the story grabs at their belief system, gives them hope, and shakes them up a little, then it might make sense in trying to market it. And yes, people need to be “shaken, not stirred,” every once in a while, so please consider all this.

Source by Lance Winslow


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