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Can A Coach Make You A Better Executive?



Coaching plays an important role in many businesses and will become indispensable over the next few years as the world is undergoing major shifts and many businesses are having to re-invent the way they work with each other. A coach can do a great deal for you to enhance your performance and assist in ironing out subconscious value conflicts which cause blind spots and are always at the root cause of any challenge.

There are three main areas:

  • Life coaching,
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership coaching

All three business coaching forms will bring you immense benefits provided you are committed to the process.

Life coaching is a more general form of mentorship which anyone might benefit from. It is not restricted to professionals who are looking to enhance their work performance.

Often life coaching is a cross over of mentoring and healing

A good life coach will enhance your understanding of yourself, all forms of coaching will do this, life coaching though takes you deeper into how we create our reality. What makes life coaching different from other forms of coaching is its ability to help you understand your beliefs better and gain a deeper understanding of universal forces.

Executive and leadership coaching are, as the names suggest, for company executives and entrepreneurs

It is more specifically oriented towards performance. There is less emphasis on the nurturing aspect which is more dominant in life coaching.

A good executive coach will bring out dormant leadership qualities and assist you to make decisions from a wider perspective. All forms of executive coaching and leadership coaching will develop your inner character, make you more resilient to fast changing conditions of today’s business world.

Coaching is becoming more important today as more and more executives rely on a good coach to help them get deeper perspectives from a neutral, yet qualified source.

Executive coaching and leadership coaching both combine the role of consultant and councillor

It is this mixture which makes coaching so powerful. I’d say a good coach is worth 10 times more than any consultant. The coach covers a broader perspectives which is absolutely vital in today’s fast changing world. Moving into specific problem areas once you have a grasp of the big picture greatly enhances your ability to navigate changes with confidence and elegance.

Nobody knows for sure where we are headed

The world at large is moving into very new territory where the old ways of doing business are not working any more.

A good coach will help you make this transition from the dense, old world energies into a new broader minded, more inclusive way of leading your business.

A vital pre-requisite for successful coaching is your willingness to be open and change your thinking. This is a tough call for all of us today.

We may realise that we have to change, but unresolved fear of uncertainty is holding us back. Again, a good coach can be an invaluable asset to help you break into new frontiers in your life and in your business.


Source by Mercedes Oestermann Van Essen


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