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During this election season, I had the opportunity to listen to ‘talking heads’ on television outlets talk about what former Secretary Clinton did wrong. Never did we hear about what she has accomplished and how her career has changed lives. When General Collin Powell left his job as the Secretary of State, we heard crickets. Even when Condoleezza Rice left the Secretary of State’s Office; there was no scrutiny, no backroom discussions, and no investigations into the torture issue under the Bush Administration.

It just seems that the women really get a kick in the knees when they want to go further in their careers. Former HP (Hewlett-Packard) CEO, Carly Fiorina was highly criticized by her staff, and by folks that wanted to run against her in the 2016 election. One of the men had the audacity to make reference to her looks as a measuring stick in which we should vote for her. It was totally insulting and abusive. In my opinion, her biggest mistake was running as a Republican for President.

The polls that are coming out in favor of former Secretary Hillary Clinton; yet they are skewed and can’t be trusted. We don’t know if they are trying to give actual numbers, or are they using any scientific data? I never hear who they’re collecting the data from, or what demographic are they using to determine if Donald J. Trump is ahead or Clinton is winning. It’s a mystery show!

This is the problem that each political party is facing. If they don’t support former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, you have elected a man (Trump) who has no experience whatsoever, (except giving money for access) and has no moral compass for human beings or for human rights… and ties to Russian oligarchs.

If Hillary Clinton is elected, you are seemingly supporting someone whose judgment or ethical lines are skewed. The opposition has painted the Clinton Foundation as a money pit. Let’s be clear. There has been no investigation into the Clinton Foundation doing anything wrong. There have been no outright criminal investigations that would suggest the need to shut the Clinton Foundation down; as they did the Trump Foundation in New York.

Nonetheless, going back to my original point, the men are not as scrutinized as the women when they aspire to higher offices (like Senator or President) or higher post in the workplace? I see a lot of one-sided reporting on television; especially the early morning shows, who shall remain nameless for now. The saddest phenomenon is: these are television shows that are sponsored by men, coordinated by men, tailored by men, produced by men, and financially subsidized by men. It’s sickening.

If women are ever going to have a fair system of reporting; then women have to produce their own television shows during prime time. Women have to become a force to reckon with in the digital broadcast media conglomerate. Furthermore, the world has such an online presence; women need to be as strong on the web as they are anywhere.

Lately, the polls are finally taking notice that women are running for more Senate offices and Congressional seats in Washington D.C., and women may very well take over the Congress and Senate eventually. Three women did win Senatorial Seats on Tuesday night; Kamala Harris of Maryland, Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire. Women do have the momentum. But I want to see women become fairly reported about in the news as well. That has not happened. I want to see women discussing issues about women and discussing the plight of our children on serious news shows.

So, we are not just sitting as a token female that is being disrespected. I’m sick of seeing a woman talking on the show and a male host who continually speaks over her, and drowns her out while she’s reading the facts. Nor do I appreciate a woman being called names, while men refer to them as ‘obsessed with sex,’ just because she is raising the issue of sexual assault. Any assault on women and children is a horrible crime and it needs attention in this election cycle and discussions on-going beyond the election season!

Our current news broadcast formula has to change and change soon. Or else, women, we can just continue to believe and tell our daughters; it’s a man’s world and nothing will change that perspective. No matter how many cracks in the glass ceiling there are.


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