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Fashion is doubtlessly one of the hot topics among people. Most of us want to keep up with the new trends in the fashion world. Buying stylish handbags is one of the most popular ways to follow the fashion trend. In addition, fashionable handbags are not exclusive to women. Men also have the right to experience luxury handbags. Handbags are no longer used only as the containers to collect your stuffs but also used as fashion accessories to show people’s style and personality.In order to meet the large demands, there are more and more handbags with different types and styles coming into the market. In the following, let’s find the different types of stylish handbags for men and women.

Most men are in favor of handbags with classic design. As for this regard, there are many types of men’s handbags are suitable such as briefcase, suitcase, tote and camera bag. Briefcases are considered to be the most popular types of men’s handbags for business men with their classic style and durable feature. Although they are boxy at past, they are much stylish nowadays. As for men who are in favor of traveling, suitcase is the best type with their large capacity. In past, suitcase is big and bulky while they are chic and fashionable. In addition, the suitcase of small size is also suitable for daily use. Tote is regarded as the best bag for casual occasions. When it comes to camera bags, they are not only the bag to carry your camera but also small stuffs.

When it comes to ladies’ stylish handbags, there are also many popular types such as clutches, duffel bags, hobo handbags and satchel handbags. Clutches are the best bags for parties or other social occasions since they are small and stylish. They have no handles and you should clutch them in your palms. Duffel bags are the most suitable ones for short trips since they can carry lots of things with their compartments. Besides, they are durable and trendy. Hobo handbag is a very practical type among the various types. With the unique shape, it can be easily worn over your shoulder so that you will not feel tired after carrying it for a long time. As for satchel handbags, they are suitable for the working ladies and students. Working ladies can carry some heavy files in them and students can put their books in them. With two straps, they are really convenient in use.

Hopefully, the above information will help you know much about the different types of stylish handbags for men and women. You can choose the right type according to your needs and preference and thus follow the new fashion trend.

Source by Vivi Liu


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