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Klezaras begins the book with an attempt to tie President Reagan, one of the world’s most heroic anticommunists, to the communist dictator Pol Pot. This is on its face, an obvious lie. President Reagan constantly spoke about the evil of communism, so how could he possibly form an alliance with a man like Pot? The next chapter is even more slanderous, as the author attempts to tie not one, but three genocides to Reagan.

First in East Timor, followed by Guatemala. This is clearly a ridiculous claim, given Reagan’s devotion to human rights all over the world. Though I am aware that recent courts and historical bodies (undoubtedly filled with socialists and Soviet-sympathizers) found that Reagan’s allies in the crusade against communism in Central America committed “genocide” against the “Mayan Indians”, I would not believe this for a second. He then goes on to accuse the US government of being responsible for Saddam Hussein’s attack on the Iraqi Kurds in the late 1980s. Yes, Reagan did provide Saddam with weapons, but only because Iraq was fighting the Iran-Iraq war and needed our help to win. What these weapons ended up being used for is really none of our concern in this context. It is sad that civilians were killed but President Reagan had no way knowing this would happen. It is entirely unfair for Mr. Reagan to be blamed for this.

There’s a lot more accusations in this book about topics as random as the Pakistani nuclear program and the liberation of Grenada, but it should already be completely clear to you what this is: another liberal trying to make Reagan look bad. Michael Moore tried, Will Bunch tried, and now this Jacob Klezaras wants you to believe that The Great Communicator was some sort of war criminal. To criticize the foreign policy of the man who ended the Cold War and defeated the Soviet Union is utterly ridiculous. The left is obviously scared of Reagan’s legacy and the conservative values which are part of it. At first I believed this book was not worthy of my time, but after taking a look at the dangerous slander inside I felt that someone must refute it. I am begging my fellow patriots, please do not allow liberals to rewrite our proud history to suit themselves and please challenge them when they try to. I condemn Mr. Klezaras’s book as nothing more than another piece of left-wing propaganda.

Source by Richard Vern


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