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Biotechnology is not just about working in the laboratory wearing a white lab coat and preparing medicines to improve the quality of life. The field is so broad that it has a variety of career options from sales and marketing to research and development, to manufacturing and quality management of drugs and medical devices.

The field of biotechnology combines technology with biological sciences such as agriculture, food sciences, waste management, medicine, and in the mining industry, although, biotechnology has been around since ancient times, the first advancement was in the field of food sciences, which took place around 5000 BC. A large number of diverse strains of plants and animals were hybridized to produce greater variety in the species.

Biotechnology has been applied to create new biodegradable material, transfer of a particular gene from one organism to another, preservation and growth of genetically uniform plant-animal cell cultures, and also to fuse dissimilar kinds of cells to produce new medical products like monoclonal antibodies. Keeping in view the importance of biotechnology, a separate entity called the National Commission on Biotechnology has been established, which has initiated several projects for various fields of biotechnology, mainly in the health and agriculture sectors.

Some of the many educational institutes offering degree courses in biotechnology are:

  • Department of Biotechnology
  • National Institute for biotechnology and genetic engineering (NIBGE)
  • Department of Biochemistry
  • School of Biological Sciences
  • Department of Biomedical Technology
  • Departments of Biotechnology and Genetic engineering 

The recent boom in the IT sector has paved the way for biotechnology as well and now there is a huge need for biotechnologists.

Entry-level programs:

BioWork Process Technician

BioNetwork Technician



Most of these programs are offered at your local Community CollegesDescription This course is designed to provide basic preparation for entry-level process technician jobs in bioprocess manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and chemical manufacturing. Course competencies include understanding the role of a process technician, safety, quality processes, measuring process variables, transforming matter, process technology (including processing equipment and plant utilities), controlling the process, maintaining sterile processes, and growing living cells.

Eligibility for admission in a degree program:

Students who want to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in the biotechnology degree program should be well rounded in science, math, and computer science.

Biotechnology Jobs:

The combination of computer science and biology, termed as bioinformatics has created various opportunities for the people in biotechnology. Now many of our degree holders are working either in private companies or are employed by research organizations.

Some of the many sectors where there is a wide scope for biotechnologists are health care, environment, agriculture, and food technology. Biotechnology job opportunities are available from entry-level to Ph.D. graduates. Those who want to pursue a career in biotechnology must be aware of the difference between biotechnology and biomedical engineering.

Biomedical engineering deals with the application of engineering principles while biotechnology deals with biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, and biophysics.

There are separate programs for biomedical engineering 

  • Universities  of engineering and technology

There are a growing number of opportunities for our biotechnologists in private, government, and healthcare industries all offering high paying salaries.

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