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Trend Hunter’s Paul Maccarone talks about an artist nicknamed the Pixel Painter who has an inspiring story behind his Antiquated Pixelated Paintings. It’s a story about a 97-year-old artist, Hal Lasko, who paints highly detailed paintings on a computer.

Lasko dreamed of painting despite his visual impairment and his dreams came true. His incredible pixel paintings were created using archaic technology like Microsoft Paint on a Windows 95 platform. The World War II veteran started using this paint program because it allowed him to magnify the image to work on the details of one specific area. Some paintings took years to complete, but Lasko loved being able to continue with his passion.

The paintings themselves are incredibly unique on their own, but the story behind them makes the art absolutely priceless. It shows that people — like the Pixel Painter — who don’t focus on their limitations can overcome even the most disabling situations.

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