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Belly dancing per se has been around for centuries and the very word brings to mind images of lithe women rolling their bodies sinuously to the call of music. Its origin seems to drift historically between oriental or inspired by the Romany gypsies. Today, however, belly dancing is more of a celebration of myriad cultures, which seeks to incorporate the best of all the cultures that have laid a claim on belly dancing. Tribal belly dancing is this beautiful, passionate fusion of cultures that glorifies the passionate self within the dancer.

Tribal belly dancing has evolved with the years as more and more people are discovering the exhilarating experience of stylized dance that actually frees up the muscular structure of the body by doing amazing movements and can the mind be far behind. Tribal belly dance can make the most stoic of women relate to the inner free spirit within herself and spin free with the pulsating moves that the dance demands. The very name tribal belly dance has a primordial ring to it that releases one from the dreary life and transports the dancer to another level that enhances her, both personally and physically.

Tribal belly dancing costumes actually have such color and grace that every belly dancer wearing them is going to feel at one with her essential womanliness. These belly dancing costumes are overtly flowing, colorful and gracefully gorgeous. They gladden every woman with the flowing lines and gauzy veils that emphasize femininity. Finger cymbals called zills are worn to click between the fingers and the jewelery is exotic and bold. The tribal jewelery includes headpieces that are made of beaten silver or copper and are fairly large and help keep the head scarf in place. There are belts made of coins and semi-precious stones.

American tribal style belly dance has evolved from their fascination for the exotic rhythms and the music. There is a distinctive stylization to the American version of tribal fusion belly dance that somehow has a touch of Hollywood. Belly dancing is now a hugely popular dance form in the US for the simple reason that in today’s world, women do not get a chance to flaunt their essential feminine nature and by doing the tribal fusion belly dance, they are subconsciously reaching out to the core of their essential womanhood.

Belly dance festivals, workshops and festivals, not to mention belly dance holidays, give ample opportunity to learn the craft whole heartedly and with dedication within a specified time frame. The art form of this dance has inspired several amateurs to seriously pursue the more advanced forms of belly dancing across the countries where it has originated. Most of the steps in the tribal belly dance are circular motions that are isolated in one body part at a time. The dancer gyrates and shimmies using clever muscle control to keep the rhythm going effortlessly. As you get better at belly dancing, flexibility is increased and tricks using coins and swords are popular to demonstrate the use of muscles especially in the belly and hips.

Tribal belly dancing whether American tribal fusion or otherwise, internalizes the rhythms and the outflow of emotion. It is channeled into an improvised dance that has its own uniqueness and cannot be learnt by rote. Each dancer makes a personal experience with the music and communicates with an individual style. It is more of a communication with the audience on a one to one basis and this is what adds to the simplicity and fluid sensuality of the dance. It is a misconception that tribal belly dancing is only sensual in appeal; it is actually a very mature demonstration that is not coy and at the same time is imbued with a rare dignity.

Many women in the US and Europe turn to tribal belly dancing because they treat it as a kind of self empowerment tool that heals as it teaches. Being able to belly dance is a healing medium for mind, body and soul. It frees them from their inner demons whether they have issues that need healing or otherwise. There is something very uplifting in challenging one’s ability to learn a new medium and frees the spirit in music. It is a spiritual release that endows well being of mind and body.

Tribal belly dancing even though fairly young in inception; it is growing in leaps and bounds. It has been embraced for being a multicultural offering that is exquisite in its bold definitions and delicate message. It may seem very blatant but actually has a lingering sweetness that has not been lost through the centuries of evolving to what it is today.

Source by Angela Noble


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