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Be A Health Affiliate: How To Bolster Your Finances While Promoting The Good Life



Here’s how becoming a health affiliate can help you bolster your finances to the heavens!

The health and wellness industry is currently a billion-dollar market, and analysts expect the industry to quadruple its profits in the next ten years. With this rosy picture, it’s no wonder why more and more people today are turning to marketing health and wellness products, for them to be able to bolster their finances, while promoting the good life at the same time.

Affiliate Marketing – How It’s Done

Affiliate marketing is an online revenue-sharing setup, between the web site owner, who is referred to a an affiliate, and the online merchant.

In an affiliate setup, the website owner agrees to place advertisements on their web site, to help promote merchant’s products, or deliver potential customers to the merchant’s official web site, in exchange for a share of the profits, which are often paid out in commissions or certain agreed-upon percentages.

In an affiliate marketing setup, the website owner, can actually earn added incomes. The process simply involves placing a merchant’s ad on the affiliate’s web site, and all the affiliate does, is sit back and wait for the profits to roll in. An affiliate can earn three ways on this program, either through pay-per-click, pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale.

In a pay-per-click scheme, an affiliate is paid a commission or percentage each time the customer clicks the link leading to the merchant web site. The amount can range form a few pennies, to a few dollars, and will also depend on the product or the commission.

In a pay-per-lead setup, an affiliate is paid a commission each time a potential customer registers or signs up at the merchant’s web site, as a direct result of the advertisement posted on the affiliate’s web site or blog.

In a pay-per-sale setup, an affiliate is paid each time a purchase is made as a direct result of the advertisement on the affiliate’s web site.

The Perks Of Health Affiliate Marketing

Because the health and wellness sector is viewed by many as the next booming frontier in business, many web marketing experts stress that marketing health and wellness products and solutions should be part of any web marketer’s offerings.

A health affiliate program offers a wide array of lucrative perks. A number of health affiliate programs like SellHealth for example, are popular because they provide their affiliates with a solid array of premium-quality health and wellness products, and pays affiliates with the highest commission payout schemes in the health and wellness sector.

The best thing is that the SellHealth affiliate program won’t cost you anything. It’s absolutely free to join, and the program in fact pays affiliates each time they send a customer to the merchant’s web site, to sign up as a lead or purchase the products. Affiliates earn as much as 30 to 50 percent for every qualifying sales made, and they also get an extra five percent commission each time their referrals make a sale.


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