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Basic Badminton Strategies



Knowing the basic shots and moves of badminton is only half the battle of improving your game. You should know about basic strategies and tactics, so you can make the right decisions on which shots to use during the game. Your game plan will vary depending on if you are playing singles, doubles or mixed doubles.

Single Strategies

A basic strategy when playing badminton singles is to serve far into the back court, forcing your opponent to move back. This opens the forecourt and allows you to make a shot closer to the net when the shuttle is returned. Of course, if your opponent is expecting a long serve, then a short one can throw them off balance as well.

The best strategy is to watch your opponent and play your shots to take advantage of their style of play. Your shots and plays should be planned to keep your opponent moving around the court, and not allow them to set up any strong shots of their own.

Doubles Strategies

Part of doubles strategy is how you position yourselves on the court. Side-by-side is considered a defensive position as you can cover more of the court, but a front-and-back position is an attack position. When attacking, the back player makes shots that open up space in the forecourt for the forward player to take advantage of on the next play. The most important part of doubles strategy is communication. Both players should talk to each other and make their intentions clear. Plan your plays based on each others strengths, as well as the weaknesses of your opposing team.

Mixed Doubles Strategies

When playing a game of mixed doubles badminton, the women usually take the front position when the men picking up the shots to the back of the court. With this arrangement, the women should try for net shots and the men should use horizontal drives or downward shots. If using a side-by-side defense position, then the men and women can take either side.

Overall, the game of badminton is not just about physical strength, but also mental agility and speed. Tactics are just as important to a winning game as the actual shots played.


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