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Bad Vastu Invites Unnecessary Troubles in the House



Just as balance is important for human beings to lead their lives, the right balance of the 5 elements of nature is required to lead a healthy, progressive and happy life. Every person has a right to be happy, healthy and lead a good life.

The house where we live also plays an important role in the daily events/happenings, the comforts, the joys and sorrows, the relationships and health. If it is as per vastu, the family living in it will always be happy healthy and prosperous.

There are certain negative forces, which exist in the environment surrounding us. Vastu is a science based on five elements and the directions which guides us on the ways to overcome the effect of negative forces.

Wrong balancing of elements creates tension, can make your life miserable as well as bring misfortune. Each side is important the North the South the East and the West.

The North East portion of the house is the most sacred place, the North West is where the money flows from, the East from where the Sun rises, brings in positive energy, the South east is where you have fire, positioning of kitchen here is a good sign. The South West portion is the place of darkness, always keep this place heavy.

A few pointers to what bad/ defective Vastu can do.

A defective North East, brings in calamities, destroys family relationships, develops constant tiffs between the husband and wife, and ill- health for the head of the family.

Defects in the North direction are the flow of money will be irregular, those living in will find it difficult to make their ends meet, and health issues crop up regularly.

If the North West directions are defective, there will be break in relationships the sons, can get into bad habits and have unnecessary mental worries.

If the West direction is not proper, there will be mental unrest; the elder daughters will suffer the most, even a rich man will become a pauper if not taken remedial action.

A defective South West portion of the house will lead to delayed marriages, loss of wealth, respect and also quarrels between the husband and wife.

More space in Southern part of the house gives rise to bad health for the second child, the earning member will not get any recognition for his work, and neither gets respect, he deserves. Problematic life, and for the women there will be no peace of mind.


Source by Jeevan K Asthanna


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