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An Essay on Environmental Terrorism



All animals, and all species of life, deserve the right-of-life and to live. But in saying that, species, even us, can depend on others as food. The below must be read bearing this in mind.

For the human species to live in harmony with other species, and as the caretaker-species of this planet, we will inevitably and eventually draw up an internationally recognized charter-of-rights for sentient and non-sentient life. To begin with, such a charter would be adopted country by country. But eventually all nations will accept it.

This charter would have for some species the same rights that humans grant each other. Some countries of Earth already have laws based on such rights in place. Most countries have at least anti-cruelty laws. But the laws that specifically enable all life to survive in harmony, free from environmental terrorism, are not yet drawn up.

People violating those yet-to-be-introduced laws in the future will likely be treated accordingly, as we might expect. But right now such laws are culturally based and varied. For example, elephant poachers in Africa can get an extreme death-in-the-field sentence by environmental law enforcers. By contrast, international law is different. Such laws need to be globally streamlined. And, by rational thinking, it is foreseeable that such environmental laws might one day be expected to take into consideration the activities of chemical companies, weapons manufacturers, environmental polluters, loggers and a lot more. Such is foreseeable.

How far these laws reach will depend on the severity of the situation, and how people act now. But it is already severe.

A future exists, whereby hunters, and some individuals, will be labeled as environmental terrorists. Their actions speak loudly of what they are doing. They will fit the label. But that label would really be for a representative panel of the United Nations, or some other body, to decide. Many hunters might disagree, but an act of terror is not defined as being perpetrated solely upon the human species. And the definition of mass murder does not have to be restrained only to people. The abnormal unholy destructive urge that hunters and some individuals display by killing other species will one day be recognized for what it truly is.

And such a thinking panel or body as above, which is given charge to salvage this planet’s environment, will also introduce retroactive laws. This is probably unavoidable. We already have the example of retroactive laws in place for sex predators.

The ungodly urge to destroy other life is an urge that must be curtailed, no matter the victim’s age, gender, race or species. In most countries the unnatural act of buggery, sex slavery and a lot more, is already against the law, regardless of species. So is cruelty. Naming interspecies murder for what it is, is simply an extension of existing thought and law.

It is further seeable, that such retroactive laws could strip those who have inherited wealth, made from harming other species. It is doubted that this will be soon, but it will happen one day.

If our world is damaged to such a critical degree by past unlabeled environmental-criminals, it might be that their heirs are used to extract the planet out of the trap we are sliding into.

For example, who will pay the 350 billion dollars needed to clean up the Pacific Ocean of plastic? The cost has to be paid for in part at least, by those who profited from the ocean’s destruction. There has to be the general public, but also, it has to be the companies and their officers who profited by it. Likely, benefiting heirs will be included.

Probably, in the future it will be the heirs of those profiting from environmental destruction who are made to pay.

Now, what is going to happen here in the future is especially interesting. Will anti-environmental-terrorism laws allow enforcement agencies to pursue environmental criminals unimpeded across international boundaries? Most likely those laws will, one day. Some forward thinking countries already have cross-border laws in place, which will be invoked. They can already do this, regardless of other nations objecting. Others will follow suit.

And for those who object to the above, after a little investigation, they will undoubtedly be known for who they are.

All this could be forty years away, but it is definitely foreseeable. Environmental terrorism has to be dealt with.


Source by Nick G Broadhurst


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