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The first time I encountered self-inflicted American guilt, I was touring the outback of Australia.

We had traveled there to observe, photograph, and document the ways and lives of the Australian Aborigines.One afternoon a fellow American and an European were talking and the European actually complimented America on our way of life and how good life was in the United States.In response, the American woman actually made a statement in which she denied feeling good about being an American and living in the United States.

Over the years we Americans have developed a guilt complex about our prosperity.

We tend to forget what we have sacrificed to make our country prosperous and free,

we forget how much America has done for the world and our mission to bring freedom to everyone, regardless of race, creed, national origin or gender.

Although we, as Americans aren’t perfect and we haven’t always lived up to the ideals our country was founded on, as a nation we have done more than any other culture to liberate the masses from the bonds of slavery.We have fought in many lands in an effort to free people from oppression, and have never claimed any of this land as our own.

Many would argue that we stole the land from the original occupants.

The American Indians are also immigrants, they all came from some where else before living in the western hemisphere.

The American Indians were at a disadvantage, they had no domesticated animals, no beasts of burden or the means to advance their civilization until the Europeans introduced this technology and animals into the western hemisphere.

The contact between the two cultures eventually benefited both societies.

Despite all the bloodshed between the two different cultures, we as Americans owe a debt of gratitude to the natives.

There were many times our fight for freedom would have stalled if the natives had not intervened to help us.Many of the elders of the various tribes were wise enough to realize what was to come and thereby aided and assisted our struggle for freedom.

This has been well documented, even during the American Revolution. In the writings of General George Washington, there are many times he tells of advice and assistance he received from the elders of the tribes living in the New England area. He reportedly even had the Iroquois “Spirit Woman” come to him and show him a map of the present day United States, complete with roads and cities.

I can’t help but feel it was some sort of divine plan. We were brought together to learn from each other, we have developed the technology to produce a society much better than any that has come before us, if we combine our technology with the American Indians knowledge of nature and Nature’s God.

Source by Gary Wonning


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