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Following the release of the popular GEL-Nandi and GEL-Quantum styles, ASICS and GmbH are sharing a brand-new collaboration in the form of the GEL-CHAPPAL shoe. This smart-casual style is a vegan leather shoe that takes design cues from traditional Pakistani footwear, specifically the criss-cross uppers of sandals. With the soles, lining and outer components made entirely from rubber, the shoes have crossed uppers and GEL cushioning for comfort. This hybrid work shoe sets itself apart with an unconventional upper, an all-rubber design and an ultra-comfortable sole.

GmbH is working towards creating a fully circular production system for 2023 and 90% of its materials are organic, recycled, biodegradable or made with upcycled deadstock. Additionally, the brand does not use any leather, down, fur, feathers or exotic animal skins in its vegan-friendly products.

Image Credit: GmbH, ASICS

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