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Trend Hunter Alex Lam is all about convenient retail iPhone apps that make buying and selling products both easy and painless. He’s particularly excited about the ‘Sold’ app, an iPhone application that does everything from pricing the seller’s items, finding a buyer, to depositing the profits into the seller’s bank account. The Sold app even sends employees to the seller’s house to pick up the item being sold, ensuring the seller doesn’t even have to make a trip to the post office.

In addition to staying on top of the hottest new iPhone apps, Lam can be found mourning over his childhood dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer, hanging out at the Trend Hunter office, and writing about the most cutting edge innovations in everything from technology to marketing.

1.What’s your favorite trend and why?

The trend that I want to talk about is ‘Full Service-Selling Apps.’ This trend is from a little start-up called Sold. What Sold does is offer an iPhone app that removes every barrier between your old stuff and a buyer. All you have to do is take a picture of your item and answer a few questions. Sold will price it, find you a buyer, pick up the item from your door, and then deposit the money in your bank account.

2.What made you want to apply for the Trend Hunter internship?

When I was looking for an internship this summer, I wanted something that would really give me some front-line experience. With Trend Hunter, you really get that.

3.How would you describe the atmosphere when you first walk through the door of the Trend Hunter office?

When you first walk through the door at Trend Hunter, what really hits you is the great atmosphere. Everyone is friendly, everyone is smiling – it’s really supportive, so you’re never afraid to fail, and you can just reach your full potential.

4.Describe your trend writing process. How do you go about finding and writing up trends?

When I go to write a trend, I start by opening up as many feeds as possible and looking at as many sources as I can. Once that happens, I can start to see what’s interesting and what’s cool, and I can pick up on the unique and innovative things that are happening right now.

5.What would you say is the most satisfying part about writing a trend?

The most satisfying part of writing a trend is getting to see that thousands and thousands of people are actually reading your stuff, and appreciating your work, instead of just writing something and putting it away to collect dust.

6.What makes you a great Trend Hunter?

I think what makes me a great Trend Hunter is my persistence. When you’re looking at the flood of information online, you really need that will to just drive through and look through everything to find the best stuff.

7.How does Trend Hunter compare to a university classroom experience?

Compared to a typical classroom experience, Trend Hunter is more organic, in that you’re actually learning by doing. That’s really exciting, because in a classroom, all you’re doing is writing papers and reading, but at Trend Hunter, you get to do it, and then see the results of what you’re doing.

8.What did you want to be when you were younger?

I wasn’t really an ambitious child, but one thing that I really wanted to do was be a Pokemon trainer. I just really wanted to catch them all.

9.What has been your favorite accomplishment so far?

My favorite accomplishment has actually been getting this internship. I applied to a lot of jobs, and I really didn’t think I’d get this one, so when an editor called me to tell me I’d gotten it, I was literally shaking with excitement.

10.Any last thoughts on Trend Hunter?

Trend Hunter has been a really incredible experience. You can really immerse yourself in a great culture, learn from some really awesome people, and just basically find a place to challenge yourself and prove what you can do.

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